The 17th Book of the Bible is the story of Esther - which is the ultimate, last minute, completely turn around sequence of events that saves Esther, her father & all her people.

Another fascinating aspect of the story is the villain gets destroyed by the very instrument he created to fulfill his evil plan.

For those of you fighting to save our Republic, or if you are simply distressed how evil seems to always get its way, criminals going unpunished, lawyers making lying legal (and because of this, the establishment media is able to spread propaganda & the one world government's narrative while censoring Christian Patriots) etc. etc.

Have faith...2023 will be a turn around year....

So many (real) whistle blowers are coming forward that will bring down those in position of power....

The evil doers were allowed a lot of rope to continue their nefarious deed so these could be documented....

"So what?" You might say, all those corrupt politicians always seem to get away with it.

True...however here is one circumstance that indicates how it will be different.

Let's take a Congressional hearing.  Before, alleged criminals went before Congress to be questioned in order to establish the evidence.  They would take the 5th, find a loophole in the law, or actually be working with some of the committee members who are doing the questioning.

This time, however, WE THE PEOPLE already have the evidence...and it has already been shown that many who have been up before committees before have already lied under oath.

There is alway hope we - with God - can turn this around.  First we must pray, we must pray for all those who are fighting on the front lines of this 5th GENERATION WARFARE, those like Kari Lake fighting the corrupt election officials in Arizona, the Brunson Brothers Case before the Supreme Court, and those in Congress who are doing the right thing.  Pray for these and to God that he gives us a Book of Esther moment, so we may turn this evil back in on itself...and if so, then:

Justice is coming.  Enjoy the show....

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