We are at war, but perhaps not the kind you may imagine when you hear the word "war". War has evolved over the eons from physical brute force, to a battle of your mind, to the attempt of you surrendering of your soul.

Lucifer has been working overtime in these final days, for in this information age, the trick to winning is for the victim to not even know a war is being waged. Let's look at this historically.

First Generation Warfare - think ancient battles here, the state provides for uniformed soldiers with line & column tactics that clash with the opposing force, as seen in the image above.

Second Generation Warfare
 - Improved technology such as breech loading weapons with an emphasis put on maneuvers to enhance movement to outflank the other's lines, as in the Civil War or the great battles of Napoleon.

Third Generation Warfare
 - technology now allows for speed, surprise & attack from the air, with the focus on destroying the front as well as collapsing the forces behind the lines, as in Blitzkrieg.

Fourth Generation Warfare
 - warfare is engaged outside of the military into politics & the media to destroy the will of decision makers & public with gaslighting & Orwellian doublespeak. Guerrilla, paramilitary groups (such as Antifa) & private contractors play a prominent role in creating problems they (already) had solutions for...which fit their overall plan. An excellent example: Peaceful protests that were anything but...

Fifth Generation Warfare - social engineering, misinformation & the extensive use of artificial intelligence to alter the public's perception of reality.

This latest form of warfare operates on many different levels & is ingeniously designed so that even when the operation is discovered or fails, the operation can still be used to contribute to the overall plan.

For example, the fall of the FTX Ponzi scheme that lost investors billions of dollars - and was discovered to actually be a form of taking your tax dollars being sent to Ukraine as "foreign aid", which was then invested in FTX, who then donates to politicians in Washington DC...

Now you know how a few years in Congress makes millionaires out of members of both parties.

So now this has been discovered. 

How did the Department of Justice handle this?  Well, first they gave the appearance justice was being done since they finally arrested him (after several weeks, and just before he was supposed to testify in front of Congress).  So now he doesn't have to testify, and he's out of bail...how convenient.

And like those TV commercials...WAIT! There's more...!

How can they use this to still fulfill their agenda of forming a one world government & currency?

Here's your answer:

Before crypto currency was out of their control, this event now gives them an excuse to CONTROL it...to make it centralized (like the Federal Reserve, which of course is NOT federal at all).

Actually, this compilation of interviews describes the entire scheme of things a lot better than I could:

So there you have it...we are in a 5th Generation warfare event, while many only see it as "news" & others don't see it at all since they have been programed by TV to care more for the cult of personality (movie stars, sports stars, musicians) than to the principles of our Republic, founded on the Bible & our Constitution.

You can count on RainsCountyRadio.com to get what the MainStream Media is not telling you, or in many cases how they are outright gaslighting to you.  For example, let's take an event that would be embarrassing to the ruling cult and show how they shifting it to their own narrative, remember the "attack" on Paul Pelosi...?  Here's the way you probably saw it:

This of course was not an attack by a Right Wing nut (a term to subconsciously mean Conservative Christian in the government controlled media by the way), and soon was immediately dropped from the news cycle.  Why?

Because alternative news started reporting the truth.

Turns out the attacker's home in Oakland had a Gay Pride flag, BLM sign in their window, and that he was arrested several times for gay prostitution.

The story became even more suspicious when:

- the video footage of the incident in the Pelosi home was refused to be released

-the police changed their story from the original report by those who responded to the call

- and much, much more 

For those not brain-washed by the MSM, the story is a joke as commented on by our favorite comedian:

The truth is still coming out, however this of course is NOT being reported by the MSM, and with all that is coming out on social media (when it is not censured, you can see why...

Yes, we are indeed in 5th Generation Warfare, especially when you look up who Ed Buck is....

Have a wonderful start to 2023, and as mentioned before, we feel we are approaching a Book of Esther moment - in a sudden event - all of this downward spiral of our culture & civilization will turn around...however we can not sit on the sidelines when the trumpets sound (and could this be from the Brunson Brothers Trumpet players who will be going before the Supreme Court soon?), we must be ready to act....and we here at Rains County Radio.com are here with you on the front lines....fighting this 5th Generation Warfare that started thousands of years ago...

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