Noise Cancellation Device

The City of West, Texas has a unique sound problem - with a major train line running directly through the middle of town - creating noise pollution & even physical damage to resident's ears with up to 158 dB sounding within 25 meters of businesses & homes. This of course also creates problems & difficulties for those conducting business, socializing & even making telephone calls.

  A solution is currently being developed, with an invitation out to those with an interest in physics, particularly sound engineering.

Using the principle found in noise cancellation head phones, the purpose of project design is the creation a processor capable of applying this cancelation effect to an entire room.

The current study involves analyzing the differences of canceling sound waves within the confines of headphones & determining what would be necessary in applying this noise reduction effect to larger surroundings such as an entire home, office or building.

Discovered thus far is the necessity to develop machinery capable of receiving, processing & transmitting sound regulated in three dimensions rather than in two, which is used most systems used currently.  

Sound as a 2-D waveform

Sound as a 3-D waveform

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